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Summer Wrap Up

Well folks, we're in the last days of summer. Here in Texas, we look to fall with relief (even though it usually doesn't arrive until Halloween!). We miss having the kids around, pool parties, and weekend trips to the beach or the river, but that first cool front that comes in is like a breath [...]

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Mix and Match

Tired of the same old cocktail? Try mixing and matching some of Lieutenant Blender's Cocktails in a Bag® in your favorite glass. Some suggestions include: Pina Colada in a Bag® with Strawberry Daiquiri in a Bag® Pina Colada in a Bag® with Peach Bellini Wine Freezer® Margarita in a Bag® with Strawberry Daiquiri in a Bag® Margarita in a Bag® with [...]

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Peach Pink Lemonade Cocktail

Try a new take on Pink Lemonade. Grab a Peach Bellini Wine Freezer®, add vodka to the wine line (it's going to be a strong cocktail so be careful!) and top off with lemonade. Freeze, serve and enjoy!

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Fuzzy Navel Cocktail Recipe

Try out this new take on a fuzzy navel. Grab a Peach Bellini Wine Freezer®, fill with peach schnapps to the wine line (it's going to be a strong cocktail so watch out!), and top it off with orange juice. Freeze, serve and enjoy! It's a great way to get your vitamin [...]

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Mulled Wine Cocktail Recipe

To keep you warm on chilly fall nights, we wanted to share with you our recipe for mulled wine using Lt. Blender's Sangria Wine Freezer®.
Mulled WineTo one Lt.Blender 1/2 gallon bag of Sangria Wine Freezer®, add red wine up to mark, and water up to mark, replace cap and shake.Then pour into crockpot or saucepan and [...]

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Memorial Day with Lt. Blender

This Memorial Day weekend, we pause to honor the memories of the men and women who gave their lives in the United States Armed Forces. At parades and public memorials, we gather with our family and friends to acknowledge our debt to those who defend and protect us. We also come together to [...]

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Lt. Blender featured in Galveston Monthly!

Our founder, and Galveston original, Ralph McMorris has been profiled in the current issue of Galveston Monthly.  Check out the link below to learn more about the origin of the name, our company, and our famous Cocktails in a Bag®!Galveston Monthly Article

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Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

May 5th is coming up, and while we're all excited for the return of summer (and the end of school!), here's a quick history lesson with a few reasons why you should celebrate this significant Mexican and American holiday. Cinco de Mayo celebrations commemorate the victory by Mexican forces over the (much larger) invading French army [...]

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Happy National Margarita Day!

You can scour the greeting card section of the neighborhood gift shop, but you’ll probably have trouble finding one. Likewise, until the tequila lobby convinces Congress to take up the issue, it’s unlikely to become a national holiday any time soon. That said, it's time to start spreading the holiday cheer because National [...]

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