Lt. Blender's Story

On a lonely Caribbean island, a legend was born.

Lt. Blender’s story began as U.S. paratroopers held local feuding factions at bay. Being the only one with a blender on the island and the know how to make a decent drink, Lieutenant McMorris became infamous for quenching the thirst of the troops with his cocktails during the weekend beach party breaks. It was only a short time before the boys began calling him Lieutenant Blender and made sure he was at every social function that might be in need of some libations.

Not able to keep up with the growing demand of the troops he began filling empty ration bags with his favorite mixes of the freshest ingredients and alcohol. With a quick shake, he tossed the lot into the mess hall freezer for a quick freeze. All the sudden he could cater to the largest group without even breaking a sweat, or pulling out his trusty blender. He had found the perfect way to keep the troops happy and still enjoy the party himself.

Fast forward several careers and four kids later, the good Lieutenant was in need of a change. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, Lieutenant Blender needed a new home base. Upon a trip to Galveston Island he stumbled across an old run down ice cream factory – the oldest one in Texas! He knew he had found home, but didn’t know what to do will all the extra space. Then his memories came flooding back of those delicious bags of cocktails he used to make…and well as they say the rest is history.