Q. What does “All Natural” mean?

A. Our mixes are made from only the best ingredients. They do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives, unlike most mixes on the market. Lime juice isn’t neon green why would a margarita be?

Q. How can it be made from real fruit if it’s a powder?

A. It’s magic, it’s science, it’s the magic of science. Basically, all our ingredients are dried and then ground up into a fine powder this allows us to preserve them naturally without adding all those chemicals like other mixes have.

Q. Does it already have alcohol in the mix?

A. Nope, we couldn’t figure out everyone’s favorite brand so we left the choice up to you.

Q. Can I make it without alcohol?

A. We guess you could but that wouldn’t be much fun. Kidding aside, you can just use water or substitute the alcohol with a juice like pear or apple. It will freeze solid however, so make sure to allow some extra time for it to thaw to a slushy state or run it under some hot tap water.

Q. How do I store my Cocktail in a Bag?

A. You can keep the bag in a cool, dark place – like a cupboard – and it will be best before 18 months.  After 18 months the mix will still be good and poses no health risk.  It can however start to harden and may need to be massaged to return to a powder form.

Q. How long is the mix good for?

A. Before any water or alcohol is added to the mix, it is good for at least 18 months (see question above). Once water and/or alcohol is added the cocktail should be treated just like a fresh juice. It will last about a week in the refrigerator and indefinitely in the freezer but will taste best if consumed within 3 months. That’s what the food scientists say anyway, but we’ve never met a bag we couldn’t finish.

Q. What kind of sweetener do you use in the Sugar Free Margarita?

A. We use sucralose, the same stuff Splenda is made from. With all the uncertainty surrounding aspartame and saccharin, we felt it was the safest choice for our customers.

Q. The powder in my unopened Cocktail in a Bag become hard, what now?

A. Don’t worry the product is still completely safe to use. In more humid climates the moisture in the air can eventually make its way into the bag causing the powder to solidify. Our Research and Development team is always working hard to find a solution to this problem, but we feel it is more important to keep our product all natural instead of loading it down with artificial preservatives. You can either try to loosen the powder by massaging the bag with your hands (or in severe cases a rolling pin), or simply add some warm water and shake until it breaks up and dissolves before adding your alcohol and additional water. If you’re still unsure if the product is still good, we’d be more than happy to take it back and send you a new bag right away, regardless of when and where you purchased the product

Q. Is it the same product that used to have the big scary army man on the front?

A. Yeap it’s the same product, we just moved the big scary man to the back of the bag as he was frightening the ladies.

Q. Who else makes products like yours?

A. We’ll be happy to let you know our competitors because we know our product is much better than anything they make. If you don’t think so we’ll give you a 100% refund on your purchase.
Biggest Competitors:
Jose Cuervo
Mr. and Mrs. T’s
Baja Bob’s

Q. Can I microwave the bag?

A. Like a pace maker we recommend that you keep the product away from the microwave.  Really, it may explode if you put one in there.  

Q. Is it really made in Galveston, Texas?

A. Yeap – we manufacture it ourselves in the oldest ice cream factory in Texas so we can make sure the quality remains up to our high standards.

Q. Is there a real Lieutenant Blender?

A. Yes Virginia, there is a real Lieutenant Blender. He started and runs the company today.

Q. How come I can’t find it at my local store? OR I used to find it at my local store but they don’t carry it anymore, what happened?

A. The grocery business can be a tricky thing. We’d love to be in every store but unfortunately it’s a bit more difficult than that. Our team is currently hard at work trying to expand our reach to make sure you can get our product where you want it. In the meantime you can help out by simply talking to the store manager and letting them know you’d like the store to carry our product. You’d be surprised how often just a few inquires at the store can get our product on the shelf!

Q. What is the “My Account” link at the top of the web page?

A. You have the option of setting up an account with Lt. Blender’s Cocktails in a Bag. When you do you can do things like keep your email preferences up to date, view your current or past orders, and keep your shipping address up to date. Give it a try!

Q. What’s this Ambassador program I hear about?

A. If you are able to get one of your local stores to start carrying the product, you’ll receive a free six pack of half gallon Cocktails in a Bag upon their first order. Simply let us know which store(s) you talked to and when their order comes in we’ll let you know so you can pick your flavors.

Q. Was the margarita really invented in Galveston, Texas?

A. The legend goes that while working at the Balinese Room Sammy Cruz created the drink for singer Peggy Lee in 1948, but there are about as many stories about the creation of the first margarita as we have flavors of cocktails, so don’t hold us to it. Read the wikipedia article if you are really interested –

Q. Where is Galveston, Texas anyway?

A. It’s about an hour south of Houston, TX on the Gulf Coast.