Oct 3rd 2013

Summer Wrap Up

Well folks, we're in the last days of summer. Here in Texas, we look to fall with relief (even though it usually doesn't arrive until Halloween!). We miss having the kids around, pool parties, and weekend trips to the beach or the river, but that first cool front that comes in is like a breath of fresh air.

However, we know that not all of you are quite ready for summer to end. Along those lines, we wanted to revive some of the highlights of summer 2013.

Second, our Fourth of July photo contest gave you a chance to show us how you enjoy Lt. Blender's, and reminded us of the creativity (and sense of humor!) of our fans. Each new submission was sent around the office, and kept us laughing during our busiest time of the year. Check out all the submissions below, as well as Laura G's winning entry! All participants received 50% off one purchase, and the winner received six half-gallon bags of her choosing. If you haven't already, join our mailing list for your chance next summer!

Check back soon for some new recipes that will keep you feeling summery well into the autumn!

July 4th Photo Contest Entries