"Just add tequila to this portable sack from Lt. Blender’s Frozen Concoctions, then shake freeze and presto! Instant citrus flavor liquor vehicle. Just remember, if she leaves you it’s your own damn fault."



The Today Show

“We have Margarita in a Bag – all you have to do is fill it with tequila, triple sec and then the rest with water and just throw it in the freezer. This is a good morning! Wow, this is amazing!”



Men's Health

“Liquor is all that is missing from Lt. Blender’s Margarita in a Bag, the lazy man’s tropical libation of choice…fill that bag with booze and you’re a portable bartender. Game? What game?”



AOL Food

"Everyone loves Lt. Blender’s famous frozen concoctions. His Margarita in a Bag, Daiquiri in a Bag and Pina Colada in a Bag are essentially the alcoholic approximation of Capri Sun. But new to his adult beverage arsenal is the Sugar-Free Margarita in a Bag. This carb-counter’s cocktail tastes, dare I say it, exactly like the regular, with none of the added saccharine. As if his one-step mixes weren’t already perilously simple, Lt. Blender just made drinking even easier."