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Ana Lisa from Texas

"I really enjoy the variety of cocktails in a bag. My favorites are mojitos, sangria, and margarita. I can't wait to come home from work and have a cold slushy drink."

-Ana Lisa, Kyle, TX

Thanks, Jonathan!

"It's rare that I find a product which stands up to the hype around it, with your product I have. I ran across your product at a demonstration at a Sam's Club while I was on vacation. I consider myself a tequila/ margarita snob so I wasn't expecting much, it was one of the best [...]

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Emily from Tennessee

"LOVE these products! I am ordering for myself and 3 good friends. Can't have a girls night without some wine slush!!"-Emily, Nolensville, TN

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Samantha from Arizona

"My best friend and I bought 3 bags when they were at Sams Club in Phoenix and all I have to say is they are awesome.  We made them without alcohol and the kids loved it. Thank you for such an amazing product."- Samantha, AZ

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Kay from Oregon

Some kind words from a fan and blogger in Oregon, found here!

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Melanie from Florida

"We love this stuff! We are taking it on our Caribbean vacation! Thanks for making such a great and portable product!"- Melanie, Bradenton, FL 

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Candy from Tennessee

"Sangria and mudslide are super yummy! I dream about them!"-Candy, Antioch, TN 

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Vicki from Florida

"I purchased 5 packages on promotion at BJs Warehouse earlier this year. Turns out I love the product. I'm very selective when making margaritas and prefer the authentic taste of limes, which is not found in most products on the market. Fortunately what you offer is very close and very portable."-Vicki, Orlando, FL 

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Sharing the Love

We know what we think of our cocktail mixes-but what you think is what really matters!  We're always happy to hear from you, and always looking to expand and improve our line of Wine Freezers® and Cocktails in a Bag®.  Because we work every day to keep you happy, we were really pleased to see [...]

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Liana from Utah

"L.O.V.E. the mojito! Tried @ my local Sam's Club and by the time I made them and tried them on the houseboat trip we did and got back home to buy some more they were not at Sam's anymore. Thankfully I kept a bag and found your website. We tried our first mojito ever from [...]

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