Cocktails in a Bag

Have some FUN with a Cocktail in a Bag! Our cocktails are all-natural, portable and easy to make. Simply add alcohol and water to the bag, shake, and serve over ice… or freeze the whole bag for a slushy treat!… Read More

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Margarita in a Bag

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Try a Wine Freezer!

Looking for something new to try? Our Wine Freezers are a great new way to enjoy cocktails. Available in Sangria, Peach Bellini, Margarita, and Strawberry. These will quickly become some of your favorite cocktails!

Sangria Wine Freezer

Wine Freezers

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    Mulled Wine to warm you up!

    During the Lieutenant’s travels he fell in love with the mulled wine commonly served in Europe during the winter season.   Typically this drink is served after skiing or at the famed Christmas Markets under the name Gluehwein. “Gluehen” means to… Read More

  • “I am now a loyal customer. This is my second order and many of my friends now purchase their favorite libation mix from this website. Lt. Blenders is the best… and I have been drinkin’ margaritas for a long time!… Read More

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    “Liquor is all that is missing from Lt. Blender’s Margarita in a Bag, the lazy man’s tropical libation of choice…fill that bag with booze and you’re a portable bartender. Game? What game?”